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Experience the future of mobile internet in 150+ countries

Experience the future of mobile internet, right in the heart of Verum! Our dazzling E-SIM mobile apps are here to revolutionize your online life. Fast, reliable, and super cool — browse as if there’s no tomorrow!


Why Choose EURO E-SIM?

Experience the Benefits of E-SIM Technology

EURO E-SIMNo internet Speed Limits
EURO E-SIMGlobal Coverage
EURO E-SIMCheaper than roaming
EURO E-SIMEasy and fast install

Extensive Global Coverage

Thanks to the EURO E-SIM application, you can choose your daily, weekly and monthly internet package in the country you will travel to. Moreover, without having to change the SIM card.


Affordable Plans for Every Traveler

You can easily access the prices by selecting the country you will go to or the country you are in. You can start using your internet with your existing card without using a physical SIM card.

You can purchase an internet package suitable for your phone, tablet and all smart devices via the EURO E-SIM application. You won't encounter surprise fees, quota exceedances and inflated bills.


Your data is safe and keep it on your device

With E-SIM, all your data remain safe. You will not face malware through shared internet.

Detailed data usage report on the tariff you purchased allows you to buy balance imaging and additional packages.

EURO E-SIMData securityThanks to the EURO E-SIM application, the data on your device will not be shared.
EURO E-SIMTariff controlYou pay one times for the tariff you purchase, extra taxes and communication fees are not reflected.
EURO E-SIMAdditional PackagesYou can increase your current internet limits by purchasing an additional package whenever you want.

E-SIM, a Solution Born from Needs

The E-SIM idea, which emerged from travelers being exposed to high-priced tariffs, was implemented and enabled affordable communication.

EURO E-SIM application, where you can actively receive internet service in 150+ countries, continues its infrastructure work to increase the number of countries it covers in the future.